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Harambe Ibogaine Detox Retreat Centre - Testimonials

Below are many testimonials of our service, please browse them at leisure.

Abel Testimonial (Leeds)

I wanted to take iboga because I have had a lot of trauma and problems in my life. The relationship with my mother broke early. She turned my siblings against me. As a man, relationships with women seemed to get to a point but not go further due to my mental/emotional blocks. I then went through many problems. By 13 began smoking weed and by 30 I was spending three quarters of my surplus wages on it. I had heard about iboga treatment for a while but was sceptical. My uncle did the treatment and he directed me to www.harambedetox.com

When I arrived at Harambe Detox I felt safe with them. They are very practical and down to earth; they are not fake shamans and are respectful of the medicine and they give all the credit to the medicine and not themselves. The iboga was something else! I was in another world of confusing visions and crazy dreams. Every one´s visions/experience is different so I won’t go into the details. When I awoke, I felt an amazing calmness, happiness and lack of cravings. I could think about weed and not feel that I needed to smoke it, not even tobacco! This has created an amazing freedom in my life. Now I look at the situation with my family and not feel the rage and disappointment that I once felt. Having so much more money and being free of addiction is a great feeling!

I still feel that I have more exploring to do with iboga and I will be coming back to do more. Catherine explained that we are like onions, and each treatment peels of a layer. In my opinion, everyone should take it in their lives. I would say Catherine and Bilal are humble not to give themselves credit as they are concerned, very caring and watchful, there to help you if you need.

Dejan, Sweden (Testimonial)

Anledningen till att jag bestämde mig för att åkte ner till Harambe Ibogaine rehab var för att jag i ungefär 5års tid efter ett dödstrauma med jämna mellanrum känt mig deprimerad med panikångest attacker som följd och inte lyckats att få bort dessa känslor o tankar på traditionel medicinsk eller terapeftisk väg.

Oktober 2013 åkte jag till Peru o provade Ayahuaska med positivt resultat som varade i ungefär i 3-4 månader. Känslorna o tankarna återkom. Januari 2015 kände jag att nu var det dax igen att göra något åt min situation, fick kontakt med Bilal o Cathy på Harambe Ibogaine Rehab o kände direkt en famlijär o personlig känsla som jag ville jobba vidare på. Bokade in mig på en 10dagars behandling o åkte ner. Väl nere hos Bilal o Cathy så kände jag mig som en i familjen o nervositeten o spänningarna försvann.

Vi planerade upp att jag skulle ta Ibogaine vid 2 olika tillfällen under dom här 10 dagarna. Efter 1:a resan/dosen som varade i ungefär 5-6 timmar med ett vilo dygn kände jag mig fantastiskt mycket bättre, den här medicinen jobbar verkligen på djupet av en själv o rensade bort mina dåliga känslor o tankar som jag har burit med mig i så många år. Jag har bara känt mig bättre o bättre för varje dag som gått sedan behandlingen.

Efter 3dagar bestämde jag mig för att inte ta en 2:a dos och Bilal han höll med för han tyckte att vi gjort stora framsteg, det kändes härligt. Jag åkte hem efter 6dagar som en ny människa. Jag vill verkligen tacka Bilal o Cathy för deras härliga stöd under dom här sex dagarna och jag rekommenderar verkligen deras behandlingsform. Om jag ska jämnföra Ayahuaska o Ibogaine så kändes det som om att Ibogaine går mer på djupet med en som person o tar bort negativa känslor o tankar som kan fastna som minnen i kroppen, härlig känsla , 5kilo lättare fysiskt, 200kg lättare mentalt.:)


Anna, Germany (Testimonial)

Going to Spain to Harambe Detox changed my life, recovered/even disclosed my personality, gave me strength, clarity and peace.

Using cocaine and alcohol to escape pressure and daily routine but also to cover vulnerability, missing confidence and self-respect made me sick and unhappy. It changed my personality, took my sensibility, detached me from beloved people because of inability to love.

Psychotherapy, expensive clinical rehabilitation and the personal strength of thought did not help to get out of the wheel. With no option at hand and a horrible life to bear, the treatment with Iboga crystallized as the only possible way to go.

It was physically and mentally very intense but I was looked after with cosiness and understanding like in mothers’ arms. I felt secure, had no fear.

After treatment, before thinking about the meaning of my sub-conscious journey, I noticed a very strong feeling of happiness, just me with myself, alone, nothing and no-one involved, a feeling I never had before. This is what was missing in my life, I found it, no one could have helped me, only me and the curative effect of Iboga.

In this way, everyone going on the trip, makes his unique discovery, maybe a decision, a revelation or just a feeling, as I did. I am a very pragmatic, and structured person with regular job and family. I met people at Harambe Detox with completely different problems, addictions, personalities also having completely different visions/conclusions after their treatment, meaning, independent what and who you are, you will find something with Iboga, that can really help you and will hopefully last for a very long time (forever).

Catherine and Bilal, you helped me to change my life.

I have no words to say how much I thank you for everything.

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