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Sean, UK (Testimonial)

My Ibogaine story – I am a 47 year old man working full time in a demanding and professional job, for the past 12 years I have had an addiction to prescription pain killers namely Tramadol 50mg capsules – Initially the Doctor prescribed these for a trapped nerve in my back that was causing great pain – I also had physio on my back and within a year my back pain had gone, but not my addiction to tramadol! I had found that by using tramadol really helped me feel better generally as well as getting a nice buzz. However, whilst this was fine for a while taking 3 or 4 – 50mg capsules daily – to get the same feeling I started taking 7 or 8 50mg capsules per day, again, this was ok for a couple of years, but once again the need to increase the dose was to strong I was now on 12 50mg capsules per day – more years pasted and now my dose was up to 16 capsules a day. around this time a new law came in to effect in the UK that restricted the use of Tramadol to that of a controlled drug – as such to get them now from my doctor became very difficult as In the past I had never been checked or questioned, now every time I went to get my prescription I had to sign for them and have regular reviews: as such to keep my dose up I had to ask other people to help get them for me asking them to go to the Doctor with nerve pain and need Tramadol – through this I was able to get my dose up to 20 plus 50mg capsules per day: I knew Drastic action needed to be taken:

I came across Ibogaine whilst searching the internet like so many others – however, there was so much information and so many offering to prescribe Iboga it was very difficult to know who to turn to. My major problem was that in all cases it seemed I would need to be away for at least 5 days possibly 7 or 8 days, with a wife and young children that was going to be difficult. Also, most places seemed to be in Mexico or Costa Rica – through extensive research I could not find anywhere in the UK that would be able to help, I found lots of numbers to call but all came to nothing.

I finally came across Harambe in Valencia Spain: after reading the reviews / testimonials I decided to e-mail Cathy: She responded quickly and was very helpful, we agreed a date and arrangements were made and I set about booking my flights. I did not need to pay upfront which when you are going through this is very helpful as in the back of your mind you always think it might be a scam, all I had to do was send Cathy copy of my flight details, and pay a deposit and the rest of the money on arrival.

I arrived at Valencia airport at 20:30 on a Friday night as arranged Cathy picked me up and was great very helpful and encouraging, I felt like I had known her a long time and trusted her straight away which was a huge thing. It was approx. a 30 min drive to their farm-house in the country side on arrival I met Bilal and liked him straight away – we chatted for a while then Bilal give me a magnesium flush to purge me out which for the rest of the night it did: I had to go through that first before the Iboga treatment could start – I was really hoping to start the treatment that evening when I arrived as I had been fasting for 24 hour and only had coco water to drink, so the thought of waiting until the Saturday to start was disappointing: But decided that after everything I had to go through to get here that I was going to take Catherine’s and Bilal’s advice and do what they said.

On Saturday morning I had my first test dose which was fine, after an hour I was given 2 more capsules by this time I had started to hallucinate lots of different images coming into view this went on for a while then Bilal give me another 2 capsules – from here on in I had no idea of time. for anyone reading this – This will be the worst time the day after – Often called the Grey day you feel very down and depressed and time just drags minutes seem like hours you will feel as though the treatment has not worked and that the day will never end – I kept asking Cathy and Bilal for a sleeping tablet at 5 in the afternoon but they said I would have to wait until 10-11pm as otherwise I would be up all night at the time I really resented them for that but of course they were right. – In the coming days you will slowly start to feel better my mind became very clear but my body was still aching I would advise anyone to take up the offer of the massage its 35 euros but worth it.

I did not have any visions or trips I think I was on such a high dose of Tramadol that the Iboga had its work cut out. In hindsight I wish I had stayed a few more days and had the second dose Its now been 2-weeks since my treatment and I haven’t had any cravings what so ever for Tramadol the treatment does work!

My wife and her brother are going in a few weeks for the treatment and I would recommend it to anyone – Just be aware that the Grey day is painful but it does end and if you think of the alternative it’s a small price to pay:

Cathy & Bilal are 2 of the nicest most genuine people I have ever met just listen to their advice and they will look after you and help you get your life back.

My recommendations for anybody who wants to come:
Do your best to follow the recommendations you will be given for preparation.