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Paul, Poland (Testimonial)

I was drinking heavily, 3 bottles of wine a day and I arrived drunk as I could not stop drinking. Bilal handled it very well, he started the detox straight away gradually without the use of any pharmaceuticals. Within 2 days by talking it through and physical preparation, the alcohol began to leave my body. The Detox Treatment, by Harambe Detox was the best that I had ever had. I have had different Ibogaine treatments in Holland, the Czech Republic and Athens and I must say that this one is the most professional I have ever had. Bilal was very professional and he had procedures that he kept to. The procedures are simple yet complex.

Normally in these centres, you get a dose immediately and go within 3 days but at Harambe the very important step is the mental and physical preparation. Bilal is a very important guide in both worlds and is professional in every way. With this there is the possibility of a good Iboga experience. When I was under the Ibogaine it was organised and not chaotic. the questions that I had asked were answered in a structured way and I know that was because of the preparation. I highly recommend to anyone to come here.