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Nadia, Germany (Testimonial)

You have to be ready to write a success story and I was not. At least not yet.

I went to Valencia for a one week stay in May 2017. Despite the 2 negative reviews, I found it to be exactly as advertised. Cathy picked me up at the airport with the 2 little ones in the back seat. The kids were 4 and 9 at the time and just the way kids that age are. The room I was in had an own bathroom, food and drinks were provided.

Now to the treatment itself. I was still on my medication, namely 800mg of xr morphine daily. Even though I’d didn’t take it the day of the treatment, I took it the day before.

To get the full psychedelic effect of ibogaine, one should be already clean or further into withdrawal. Not in full withdrawal, but further than I was when I got the first dose. There is of course the factor of me being an absolute sissy about wd’s.

I didn’t have a visual trip, didn’t have any revelations but except for some restless legs, sweating and shivering I didn’t have any wd symptoms either. So, it works and if you’re ready to go home sober and keep it that way, ibogaine is a valuable tool to get there. I literally skipped the worst part of withdrawal. The next day I was really weakened, but since I couldn’t stand being in that room with my own thoughts, I sought out Bilal and talked a little, went for a shaky walk around the house and then back to bed.

It’s not easy, but it’s the best chance I have. I relapsed after 24 hours back home. But I will definitely go back to take two flood doses when I’m finished with university. The service Cathy and Bilal provide fills the gap between shady clinics in eastern Europe, expensive retreats in Mexico that don’t give out full flood doses (as I hear) and doing it alone at home, which is dangerous.

I want to mention that I threw up a lot during the final stages of the ‘trip’ and since it might’ve been blood Cathy didn’t hesitate a second to take me to the hospital.

Looking forward to doing it right the next time. Even though I relapsed I’m glad I did the experience. Now I know for sure that there’s a way out that works.