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Martha, Durban (Testimonial)

I came to the idea of iboga because I am a psycho-therapist and I wanted to do some deeper exploration into my past and for spiritual development. I took my first dose of iboga shortly after my arrival, during my experience I felt again the deep sense of shame that I had felt as a child growing up in a divided society. I wanted to explore these feelings more deeply and I decided to take another flood dose of iboga, I waited a couple of days and then went in there again. This time I felt a wonderful, healing peace I was completely calm. I have come to a great realisation after taking iboga that I need to forgive the past events and traumas of my life and concentrate on forging a great relationship with my children which was so lacking in my childhood.

I would say to anyone thinking about this treatment to make the effort to do it as you will not regret it.