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Mark, USA (Testimonial)

Before I explain my experience at Harambe Detox Centre, I would like to provide a bit of background on myself. I’m 25 years old, from the United States but currently living in Berlin, Germany. I’ve been a heroin addict for 8 years, starting at the young age of 16 and continuing steadily through until now.

I first found out about Ibogaine three years ago and since then, I’ve gone to ClearSky in Cancun, Mexico as well as an individual provider in the Netherlands in order to undergo ibogaine treatment for my addiction. I never managed to fully kick my habit, as I found myself relapsing 6 months or so after each treatment.

As many addicts can relate to, the process of gathering up financial and moral support to undergo something as expensive and complicated as ibogaine treatment is incredibly difficult. The longer an addict proves to be a problem, the less and less likely family members, friends, and loved ones want to help and support them. I found myself in this exact position recently as I fell into a hole of heavily using and retreating from my support structures. So, when I finally came to my senses and realized that I needed a way out of my life of despair, I reconnected with my parents and friends and attempted to raise the money I needed for these expensive treatments. During this time, I encountered the Iboga Healing House, a seemingly professional looking facility run by Adam ##### and Edyta #####.

Over the course of two weeks, I had numerous skype calls with them, got them a full medical work up and ECG examination, all at my expense and finally convinced my parents to support one last attempt at saving myself by utilizing ibogaine. Well, life seemed to have a different plan for me and I couldn’t have been better off for this turn of events.

A mere hours before I was to book flights to the Iboga Healing House and pay them their fee, I get a message from them claiming that they no longer want to treat me and that their only reason for denying me treatment was because “they reserve the right to refuse treatment to any patients they feel they don’t want to treat.” I’m young, healthy, and was able to afford it at that moment, but with their refusal to treat me, the financial and moral support that I had worked so hard to get from my loved ones was stripped right out from underneath me.

I was shocked and terrified that people claiming to be “healing providers” would treat a vulnerable addict in such a manner as this, and to this day they have said absolutely nothing in response to my numerous questions regarding why they refused me as a patient. Life had a different answer for me, just when I needed it though. In a frantic search, I came across the Harambe Detox Centre in Valencia, Spain. They were immediately responsive and incredibly accommodating to my needs and scheduling and their fee for treatment expresses their sincere desire to help people, not monetize them. Upon arrival in Spain, I was taken care of in such a caring and understanding manner that I instantly felt at home at this beautiful plot of land in the countryside where you feel like you can honestly connect with yourself and your place within nature. Another thing you should really consider when deciding upon an ibogaine provider is simply what “kind” of ibogaine they are working with. Not all are the same and it’s very important to know what you are getting. They work with the strongest total alkaloid I have ever had the pleasure of taking and the results speak for themselves. Highly reliable and quality material which provides the best setting for a proper flood dose.

I cannot express my sincere gratitude for Catherine and Bilal, they are exactly what you want in ibogaine care providers. They work together in a family home environment to provide a balanced and challenging environment where you are given the best set of conditions and tools to really work through your internal issues surrounding addiction. Bilal pushed me to fight through my weaknesses and forced me to become a stronger person for it; but not in a patronizing or demeaning way, but simply encouraging me to dig deeper into myself and my psychosis with what I believe I need. I initially resisted this advice, but I soon came to learn it’s importance and value in this recovery process. In the three times taking ibogaine prior to coming to Harambe, there was limited instruction or drive to the care providers. They just wanted us to be happy and didn’t really want to invest in learning about us and pushing us in specific ways about our personality. The environment at Harambe is the perfect place for those who are seeking a true and brutally honest look at themselves and why they are where they are and how to get up from there.

I will be forever grateful to Catherine, Bilal, and the kids. You all have shown me such compassion, respect, and joy that I will never forget the time I’ve spent here.

Thank you.