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Lucy, UK (Testimonial)

Cathy and Bilal are the most compassionate, down to earth people. It made my iboga experience and my whole stay feel like a home from home. I felt very safe and in good hands, I could tell they were experienced. They work very well as a team and they both have amazingly upbeat personalities; they reassured me and explained all the process of taking iboga to me.

I have had 25 years OCD (trichotillomania), which is why I came to Harambe. I could not carry on with it as I was sick of the shame that came with the disorder. My trip had many visions but the part that focused on my disorder showed me in a very repetitive way what I have been doing to myself and how it damages me. It really put me off doing it and has got rid of my desire to do it. “why have i been doing this to myself all the time?” It was so repetitive that it drove me crazy, but it worked and I needed it.

Bilal was very knowledgeable in how much iboga to give me, and gave me a very good dose as both of my trips were vivid and full of visions. Cathy and Bilal checked on me lots and I had a great experience. Will try to come back next year, thanks so much, see you soon!