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Juan (Testimonial)

I went to Harambe, in order to receive psychospiritual help from Iboga. I felt like really deep in my soul, there was something that wasn’t right, I didn’t know what, but i knew that it was the source of most of my life problems.

I had already taken ayahuasca and other plants many times, read a lot of books, and meditated for years. And even though, it for sure, helped a lot, it still didn’t get to the source of my life problems.

So, the experience of taking the iboga, i can only say was like being on a three-day conversation with god, although time got really expanded, and so it felt more like a week in bed, chatting about every single aspect of my life with god. Setting everything straight. It helped me understand endless problems i had, with my family, friends, career, spirituality. It’s a kind of union with your soul, with life, with the universe, where everything is set straight. I felt the experience gave the culmination of a lifelong search for god, love and peace. After that, I feel I never separated again, now I feel at all times, in the middle of the city, at peace, in love with life and at one with the core of my being. I feel, Iboga has been the most profound spiritual experience of my life, for a spiritual seeker, this can be the enlightening, heart opening experience many are looking for.

The experience was very strong, and yet manageable. I healed a lot of issues with my family, relationships, and life direction, and also i felt i was faced with the core root negativity and pain within me, at times i felt like a battle between good and evil, a bit biblical in a way! But eventually it resolved in both sides kind of understanding each other, healing the wound, and all my inner parts integrating into one healthy soul. I just would not recommend to anyone who doesn’t want to have a very complete change in their lives. It becomes difficult, only when we don’t want to face some problems or ideas within us. For anyone really wanting to put an end to their miseries, someone who is tired of going in circles in any area of their lives, this is extremely useful, I felt it helped me not just get out of many mental vicious circles, but to totally break the circles. 4 months have passed, and I feel the positive effects in my life are not only long lasting, but on-going. I feel a clarity, peace, love and understanding inside, that was impossible for me before, and in a way, it gave me the courage and skill to keep going, breaking cycles, and getting rid of negative ideas that are good for nothing. Somehow it has opened something within me, a connection with my soul, with god, and I feel that it is guiding me daily, at all times, into making good choices, being understanding of others, and enjoying the beauty and love that is all around, that i found so hard to see before.

Many people ask me about how it is compared to ayahuasca, or peyote. And my experience, is that while those sacred plants are very deep and healing, the iboga experience, while is also very deep, is basically very long, so you can´t possibly hide anything from it, so you heal much deeper, in many more areas of life. So, it’s not really fair to compare to such plants, since the therapeutic effect of a iboga treatment, is like having a week long ayahuasca ceremony non-stop, or years of psychotherapy. So i felt that the price is really good for such an amazing value. I felt that I payed not only for a treatment, but for a life transformation, that would have taken years if not decades to happen otherwise. Not only that, but now, what i value most, is that this is not a one time high, and then after you go back to normal, somehow it is as if my soul has remained opened, and day to day, I’m continuously getting better. Its amazing, not only there is no comedown, but after four months, I’m still getting better daily, understanding things better, and living life in a more complete and integrated way.

I am extremely thankful for the huge help i have received from the plant and from Bilal and Catherine at Harambe. I would recommend to anyone who wants to heal themselves totally on all levels, and to anyone who is ready to make a total powerful shift in their lives, who is really tired of a life they don’t prefer, and are ready to live life powerfully with their whole being. The setting could not be better, and i felt being part of their family, not just a patient. They are very knowledgeable and know how to handle any situation and answer any question. After a few months from the treatment, and seeing the great results I’ve had, I’m going to recommend it to everyone I love.

I am forever thankful.