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Jemma, UK (Testimonial)

I first heard about iboga quite a few years ago when I was looking for a way to cure my sister’s addiction to opiates and other hard to get off substances. When she was eventually ready to stop, I found Harambe online. I had emailed other websites offering iboga but had not really had a response but Harambe responded quickly and gave me a lot of information. I instantly knew that this was the right place to take my sister. When we eventually got there, we met Cathy and Bilal who were so welcoming and understanding to what my sister was going through. It was lovely to be surrounded by mountains and trees and the food they cook is amazing!

My sister was given two large doses of iboga over a course of a couple of days in which she time travelled and was also able to speak to our father who has passed away. The doses took away all of withdrawals and the majority of her cravings but most importantly, it took away her depression and feelings of wanting to commit suicide which were just as much part of the problem as was the addiction. My sister lost nearly everything because of all of this and now she is gaining it all back. I can really say that she is a changed person and is back to the way she was before the addiction and other traumas of life took her.

A couple of months later I decided to go back to Harambe to do the iboga myself as I was struggling with some issues with anxiety and depression and had been reliant on smoking cannabis every day all day for nearly ten years. If I did not have it I felt like I could not get through the day and I wanted it to stop. Unfortunately, my experience with the iboga wasn’t too pleasant, not because of the hallucinations but because I was very very sick for the whole time and was unable to keep it down. I experienced an emotion that does not even exist and it was a terrifying feeling. When I got home, I had night terrors every night for a week but I think that this was just all of the bad stuff coming out of me. The experience definitely changed something in me as it took away my mind chatter which usually used to stop me from falling asleep for hours and was usually full of negative comments! Bilal said that I would need to come back and do a second dose like my sister did so another month later I came back and did it again.

This time it was a lot easier and I was able to keep it down. I did not have deep visions like my sister did but when it was over, I had the best feeling of peace and relaxation I have ever experienced! A lot of things have changed for me now. I don’t feel anxious and low all of the time. I don’t have social anxiety now. I can sleep so well and so deep now which is amazing! My diet has completely changed as for some reason the experience made me want to go vegetarian and not eat sugar as much as I was so addicted to chocolate and cake but this could have been down to the munchies! Anyway, I have lost weight because of it which is great. I never wanna taste or smell nicotine again, the thought of it makes me heave and I cannot stand the smell at all now. My mind has totally been altered and I just do not feel the same about cannabis anymore. I do not rely on it and the voice in my head telling me I need it 24/7 is gone. I can’t say that I won’t ever smoke it again but I will never let myself become reliant on it again, that much I know.

A couple of months after this my mum decided that she wanted to try it too to see if she could give up smoking 40 cigarettes a day. She did it and she is still free of them now. I cannot recommend this detox enough to anyone. It is not entirely an easy experience but it is so worth it for your mental and physical wellbeing! I will definitely do this again at some point as it has helped me and my family so much.

I really hope that if you are reading this, you make the choice to go ahead and do it. Cathy and Bilal are some of the most interesting people I have ever met and what they are doing is nothing short of miracle work! Whilst I was there, I have seen some very chronic addicts being cured and I never thought I would see my sister live the rest of her life so I cant thank them enough. My whole family has changed for the better because of iboga and Cathy and Bilal and I am eternally grateful for that.