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Jade, Singapore (Testimonial)

The ibogaine treatment with Bilal and Cathy was nothing short of comfortable.

The treatment itself was nauseating, but the waking dream state and the grey day following it both contributed to a heightened sense of self confidence, determination and empowerment. Nestled within the foothills of Valencia, I caught up on sleep the first night followed by a magnesium flush on the second day before test dose and then the full dose. I saw lots of images and had the pleasure of interacting and engaging with the ibogaine; carrying out my intentions and laying the emotional foundation for lasting change. Physically I also fasted for the period of time and felt my body take a break and felt completely refreshed.

The grey day was processing a lot of exaggerated but specific reflections on my life thus far with lots of action points for follow up.

In my second dose, I did not have any waking dream effects. I think the medicine was working in the background continuing to heal and rewire unresourceful patterns and behaviours.

I think the bulk of the gains are yet to come and I have a new sense of stillness and confidence. Ibogaine works on a very deep level and despite its side effects has been incredibly therapeutic and impactful. I look forward to uncovering more and more of the changes it’s made and will do my best to keep the state of calm certainty with me for as long as I can.

I lost 3kg and am feeling great!

Thanks Bilal and Cathy, it’s been such a pleasure and inspiration to have had this rewarding experience at Harambe.

Tip: For best results, do the diet and set solid intentions!