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Idriss - (Iboga Testimonial)

I grew up and lived all my life fighting depression, ptsd and addiction. I had a chaotic emotional and personal life. My professional life was a mess for more than 15 years.

I came to Iboga treatment during a phase of reconstruction. I was in therapy for 5 years, engaged in a healthy relationship (but not able to be emotionally stable and present enough) and I was going through a lot of anxiety, avoidance and pain as i still was suffering from depression and addiction regular relapses.

Through the treatment, I only wanted to get rid of the addiction relapses; addiction that I did not succeed to get rid off in the last 25 years.

A friend of mine introduced me to Bilal and after speaking with him I felt reassured and trusted him to go through with the treatment.

Bilal gave me all the information I needed, he listened a lot and gave back expert and relevant feedback.

During the experience, Bilal was constantly present and focused on my safety and well being. He did not rest or sleep in the first 24h and was monitoring my vitals as well as my environment. As part of the treatment, he was not in the room with me but close by and answered and came in the room right away, each time I called him. This made me feel safe and helped me so much during the treatment.

In the weeks and months following the treatment, Bilal was available each time I needed to share what I was experiencing and going through. He helped me understand and accept my perceptions and also clear my doubts or not feel threatened by them.

Going through the treatment gave me much more than I expected.

Not only it helped me to get rid of the unmanageable and irresistible cravings but It made me also much more in touch with and aware of my senses and my emotions.

I feel much more at peace with my self. My anxiety level is in an acceptable and manageable bandwidth. My craving is extremely rare and I have the inner resources to manage it.

My wife is amazed by my recovery and emotional health improvement. My professional life and relations have improved along with my interpersonal skills.

Of course I still have a long road ahead. I will always have to monitor myself to avoid being overwhelmed by anxiety or cravings.

I have a marriage to build and nurture, a family to take good care of, but going through the treatment made me feel more confident that I will achieve these goals and live a healthy life, having the resources to fight for my health and loved ones each time I will have to.