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Gizu, Morocco - (Iboga Testimonial)

I would like to share with you my transformative experience. one day, i decided to go and meet myself and I followed the advice of a friend, a brother, to do an Iboga retreat with Bilal. What to say … After more than 2 weeks, convincing changes are here. After so many years of no communication with my parents, I was finally able to express all the things I didn't dare share with them, but with a lot of love and gentleness and above all with forgiveness. And during this process, I realized that thanks to my "journey" to discover who I am, I understood where my fear of abndonment came from, my need to please everyone even to my own peril. I also started to finally look at myself in the mirror and love the image it reflects. I gained confidence in myself and today I only do things that I like and do me good and without thinking that it can offend those around me that I tell them NO. I only surround myself with people who share the same vibs. And above all, I have become much nicer to myself, more attentive to my body and what it really needs at all levels. Besides, I quit smoking, I started to do a little sport, to pay attention to what I eat. In short, to take care of myself. And it's a really good feeling.

I want To tell you a secret, my brain put so many blockages and reinforced concrete protective barriers during all its years that my experience only lasted 6 hours. The fear also of the unknown of my state upon awakening or even not waking up hampered this experience which when I woke up seemed a failure. But after everything I say at the beginning of my story, you understand that it was a great success. If I am telling you this, it is to encourage you to take the plunge, to seize the opportunity to find yourself, to find the answers that you are lacking. Do not be afraid because with bilal you are in very good hands if not the best. He will be there by your side to accompany you on the best trip you can afford to your self.

Have faith in you, you are a treasure and you deserve the best.