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Frank Coulan Testimonial (France)

Hello I have 27, for more than 10 years I was addicted to morphine and especially the last two years I was falling into the abyss of this drug I had used more than 500mg a day, I lost my marriage and my child and I was attending an center addiction but they no offer alternatives except methadone or another synthetic opiate, until the day I started to search on the net and I am to fall on the site of Catherine and Bilal, so I started to read the positive comments and after a few weeks I decided to have passed the course I send a message to Catherine explaining my problem and she has very quickly answered by explaining the progress and she reassured me a lot.

1 week later I arrived at home Bilal, her husband came to pick me up at the airport, to be honest with you I was very skeptical about the outcome of this detox and I did not really think it could help, well I was wrong, it was a very hard test but Catherine and Bilal are very professional and they knew their job well, the environment is very favourable for a cure, I advise anyone who if you believe in taking plant medicine, you will have a very close family and people who have their hands on their hearts, something that is rare nowadays.