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DM Testimony (Barcelona)

There are truly no words on earth to describe how ibogaine, Cathy and her amazing family and program changed my life. There for I do not really know how to start this. So I’ll just jump right in…

Sometime in early spring of 2016 I was living in San Francisco California. We all know it is an extremely expensive place to live, so to make ends meet I worked many jobs, thus burning myself out so to speak. One of my gigs at the time was managing a popular nightclub in the evenings, so drugs were all around me.

When I felt it was too much, I fell onto heroin and fentayl, and hard. I had previously had several years clean prior to this. Once I literally realized I was going to die as many actually did all around me I panicked.

Luckily, I knew of ibogaine from my past, the first time I ever had an opiate problem. The problem was back then the only ibogaine treatment centres I could find were all in Mexico and central American countries.

Due to bureaucracy these clinics tend to be a little shady so in order to find a trustworthy place you must spend thousands… Put it this way. My trip to Valencia Spain from San Francisco California plus full detox treatment was literally a fraction of the price.

If you truly want to put behind all your addictions, move on past a defibrillating ailment in your life, I can’t not recommend ibogaine hci treatment enough to you in words.

If not for Cathy, Bilal, family and this treatment you wouldn’t be reading this, for I would of been dead a few years ago by now. Real talk.

Now I’m happily married living in Barcelona working on my true passions in life, all the ones i lost touch with due to drugs.

I personally vouch on behalf of this treatment and family working behind it 110%.

Cathy picked me up for the airport, catered to my nutritional needs as a 20 plus year vegan *best chickpea masala of all time btw!’ I couldn’t of asked for any more.