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Constantine, Germany (Testimonial)

Coming to Harambe Detox took courage for me because I have done a heroin detox with ibogaine once last year and was sober for a year. About month and a half ago I started using daily intravenously and I don’t have a good reason for it. Started with drinking a lot and one night and just ran into heroin. Iboga is a commitment and you have to decide 100% to do it because it’s very very difficult to go through and if your resisting it will be much worse.

In the AA/NA meetings, they say it works if you work it. The same with iboga you have to let it to its work and it’s not pretty! But it works! Takes away your obsession and compulsion to use drugs after 3 days being off heroin and going through detox. In regular cases that obsession is usually gone after about 2 months of being in a rehab. A little description of the place at Cathy and Bilal’s is very cosy, perfect for what you need.

Sometimes it got a bit noisy because it is a family house and they live their lives too. At one time the noise was bothering me a lot and I thought to myself I’m at their house they are helping to get off the worst drugs on earth and save my life compared to traditional hospital detoxes or rehabs, Harambe is very very good price compared to other places! And just like that my whole perception changed and was feeling comfortable and grateful. Iboga detox/trip was very hard for me I didn’t sleep for 48 hours, vomited, and shit my pants for 2 days, lay in bed having images in my head of my death if I continued using heroin.

On the third day everything changed I went through what I had to go through with iboga and was feeling really well on the third day, we went for a day trip to the beach! Imagine that on a normal rehab. I’m forever grateful for Cathy and Bilal’s place on a Valencia orange farm surrounded by nature. That gave me time and space to reconnect and to move forward and once again learn from the relapse. I’ve had about 3 relapses after having some time clean. Some people go through them some don’t. I’ve grown through them and got stronger. And with the help of plant medicines, it made possible for me to feel alive again.