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Clem, France (Testimonial)

Hi, my name is Clem, please forgive my English, I’m a French man living in the South of France !

Before going to Harambe, I was experiencing hard times and I had to make up my mind to go forward…

Iboga came to me in very special and beautiful way…

I remembered a good mate who did this experience some time ago so I decided myself to enquire about Iboga.

I deeply felt the need to do something cause I realized I could not continue like that and I start reading a lot about Iboga.

First, like you, I was not so confident about doing such a trip, so I had to know more about Iboga before doing it.

Relying on such testimonials, I discovered this profound and extraordinary method to free oneself from inner troubles and to find inner peace more easily.

I first saw the website of Harambe and compared to other places and I saw on pictures, that one gave me a very good feeling.

One month after I contacted Bilal by e-mail, he gave me confidence in such a process, I felt at ease and I knew it’s the place!!!

One month later, after observing the specific advices and diet, (really important to prepare the experience) I arrived in Spain after driving ten hours.

As soon as I arrived, I felt the very friendly and welcoming atmosphere in their own family, like home. We spent time speaking and preparing the session in a very cool way!

To speak about « The Experience » …
I won’t describe it with details because words aren’t not enough and you’ll have to live it yourself.

First, let’s say it’s deeply meaningful. After you swallow the capsules, you feel the natural medicine get through your whole body and the point is that you must admit « Stop trying to control ! ». Because you can’t.

It doesn’t mean that you’re lost but your ordinary conscience escapes to your mind, it could be really terrifying for someone. Take it easy!!!

It’s a very very long journey, hours seem like days, days like weeks, so don’t panic and take your time, you’ll be lucky to explore your brain for a week.

It won’t be necessary to return too quickly to your daily perceptions and to your sense of « reality », here is the point for me.

This experience is really rich, so take your time again to explore it to the fullest. Because after the trip you will have flashbacks.

The next three days weren’t not so comfortable, you can’t sleep well, it was the time to find a new balance, to get back to common reality with a new wealth.

Now I have a new freshness, with good vibes, pure feeling without fears, mental addictions and obsessions.

I would simply say a certain wisdom and lightness. « c’est trop bon ! ».

Of course It’s not like going to Disneyland, it is much more valuable and if you feel ready for a very strong experience, you have to go!

I really want to thank Cathy, Bilal and their children for their kindness, for all these glad and cool moments we spent together.

We liked sharing music, good talks about Life, Man’s path and simple things.

They changed my life… Thank you very very much…

Have a Groovy and a sweet life…