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Charlie Iboga Testimonial (UK)

WOW, what an experience. Firstly, a huge thank you to Bilal & Cath for everything!! Their hospitality, care, advice, professionalism, openness… the list goes on. Two genuine people who I am extremely grateful to have met and on reflection I really couldn’t have chosen a better place to go and take the Iboga. For some time as everyone does, I had done a lot of research, read books etc. to get an idea of what this experience may be like however my advice to everyone is to go there with no expectations at all and a completely open mind! Everyone’s experience is different, it’s unique to that individual, it’s extremely personal… impossible to compare to another! The experience I had myself blew my mind. I decided to travel to Valencia and take Iboga in the hope that it would free me or at least ease and help me work through my past pain/trauma. Childhood trauma, growing up in a broken home, my relationships with my parents etc…. the usual. Before this trip I had spent the last 2 years in pretty much complete isolation, building on my self-awareness, breaking bad habits, peeling back the layers and working on bettering myself on every level. Although I was in a relatively good place before I went there, a week on from the treatment it’s only now I have realised how powerful this medicine really is. My Iboga journey was positive one. It was intense, it was tough but it was amazing! I completely opened up and felt nothing but love for my friends and family. I call it ‘love’ but this was something I had never felt before in my life. With my ego completely diminished, It showed me at the depth of my being what’s truly important to me and what really matters (and what doesn’t) – I saw individual memories I had shared with these people, it also gave me an insight into their lives, it showed me why they are the way they are, why they did the things they did (good and bad) and still when seeing all of this before my eyes all I felt was complete love. I thought about the things that I would usually get angry or upset about and they just didn’t matter anymore and they still don’t know. I truly feel like I’m in a new place mentally and spiritually, amazing right? I can’t tell you specifically what the spirit of Iboga has done for me and how but I can tell you it is extremely powerful and that doesn’t even come close or do it any justice at all. The experience is something that our minds cannot comprehend unless we experience it ourselves. With that said, it’s something I will do again in the future when the times right and I will do again with Bilal & Cath. Bilal is a professional! He would check up on me making sure I was ok, comfortable, happy with what was going on etc, making sure I was hydrated and fed… the guy knows what he is doing! Also, Bilal, thank you for the advice you shared, I will remember and use everything we discussed! Cath you made me feel at ease almost instantly. You were just as friendly as you were when we first spoke over the phone and you were so welcoming, open and calm the whole time, always reassuring me when I needed it. I could go on forever about how great you both were, what you do is amazing work and it’s real to the core. You both just want to help people! You were both instrumental in this journey for me and for that I’ll always be grateful. Anyone considering going to Valencia and taking part in this

DO IT! These tools are meant to be used by EVERYONE!

They are here for us so we can heal and advance, they are here for a reason!