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Asma, Morocco - (Iboga Testimonial)

I've been struggling with trauma and many mental and emotional blocks. I've hit a wall where I became entirely imprisoned by my mind and couldn't escape it. My days became unbearable and filled with self-inflicted suffering. After therapy, coaching, and working on myself, I needed something beyond the mental sphere, which is why I've taken this leap of faith.

Bilal is very professional at his craft. I've had an easy journey because I followed his instructions before the day of the treatment (medical tests, diet, sleep, preparation, etc.).

It was worth the experience, and I felt like I'd spent two years of therapy in one night. The Iboga won't solve your problems overnight or give you what you want or expect, but it will deliver you exactly what you currently need and show how you can move forward. You still have to do the work and practice the teachings actively and regularly.

Personally, the Iboga cracked my mind open and showed me to my face all my negative thoughts patterns and how I've let them control my life. I could make peace with my major traumas, and I gained a lot of clarity. I realized I am not my thoughts but the awareness of my thoughts, and I can choose to be entertained by them or let them go at will.

Some other learnings seemed very basic and obvious, but there is a difference between understanding them and "getting" them.

I'm far from being transformed, but I'm grateful for this experience. I will come back in a few years when I'm sure I've integrated and practiced all the learnings for going to the next stage.