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Andre, Norway (Testimonial)

I’m 27yrs male from Norway, my problem was that I had been abusing Xanax for three years and many other drugs also. Depression, Anxiety and feelings of hopelessness in many aspects controlled my life.

I have tried to quit the abuse myself many times, gone to rehab and counselling for six months before I decided to try Iboga. I had never been successful in quitting the abuse. So strong was my addiction that prior to coming to Harambe that I got high on drugs up until the day of traveling and without knowing I had been in psychosis several weeks without knowing it. I did not follow the precautions but still underwent the treatment.

The experience itself I do not want to go into because everybody have their own personal experience so I don’t see the reason to put false hopes or expectations in people’s heads.

The point is that it works. Bilal and Cathy are extremely welcoming, nice and professional. I went into psychosis in the immediate days after taking Iboga. Its normal to be confused in days to weeks after, but for me it spun my psychosis into a psychotic state bit they handled me extremely well and made me feel safe.

After this wore off, I became a new person. My addiction feels eroded and I as a person feel brand new and upgraded. I am going back to reinforce this state in a couple of months.

Meanwhile I am going to recommend Iboga to everyone with small to big life haltering problems.

And if you wanna do it, do it at Harambe with Bilal and Cathy.

They are simply great and I was not an easy case for them.

Can’t wait to go back for my re-boost!!