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Abel Testimonial (Leeds)

I wanted to take iboga because I have had a lot of trauma and problems in my life. The relationship with my mother broke early. She turned my siblings against me. As a man, relationships with women seemed to get to a point but not go further due to my mental/emotional blocks. I then went through many problems. By 13 began smoking weed and by 30 I was spending three quarters of my surplus wages on it. I had heard about iboga treatment for a while but was sceptical. My uncle did the treatment and he directed me to www.harambedetox.com

When I arrived at Harambe Detox I felt safe with them. They are very practical and down to earth; they are not fake shamans and are respectful of the medicine and they give all the credit to the medicine and not themselves. The iboga was something else! I was in another world of confusing visions and crazy dreams. Every one´s visions/experience is different so I won’t go into the details. When I awoke, I felt an amazing calmness, happiness and lack of cravings. I could think about weed and not feel that I needed to smoke it, not even tobacco! This has created an amazing freedom in my life. Now I look at the situation with my family and not feel the rage and disappointment that I once felt. Having so much more money and being free of addiction is a great feeling!

I still feel that I have more exploring to do with iboga and I will be coming back to do more. Catherine explained that we are like onions, and each treatment peels of a layer. In my opinion, everyone should take it in their lives. I would say Catherine and Bilal are humble not to give themselves credit as they are concerned, very caring and watchful, there to help you if you need.